Clear Speak, Big Wins.

Our thinking is shaped by narratives and their meaning.

  • Confusing narratives = “what the hell does this mean?!” 🤷‍♀️

  • Clear narratives = “aaaaaaaah… now I get it!” 💡


In business, narratives are the sum of all corporate messaging.

  • Vision and mission? Part of the narrative.

  • Customer pain points? Part of the narrative.

  • Product features and product names. You guessed it… Part of the narrative.

  • … the list goes on.

Narratives have a strong impact on success, yet, corporate speak is ruining the show.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a quiz for you: Which company is this?

We are reinventing the way people work through designed space, flexibility, technology, and community.

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Time to rethink the communication playbook.

Welcome to Clear and Consistent 🎊

Now that you had a taste of the problem, let me introduce you to Clear and Consistent - a publication exploring how tech companies can unshackle free themselves from their communication hodgepodge disaster.

The objective: Narrative Clarity for Tech Companies 🎯

Let’s look at a best-in-class example: Stripe 💳

This is a figure, I created years ago for my consulting sessions.

The high-level items (vision, purpose, promise, etc.) are aligned with low-level items (product names).

Everything is clear and consistent. This is what Narrative Clarity looks like in the wild.

Who Are You and What Is This?

Hi, my name is Art 👋

I served 10+ years building tech companies between Silicon Valley and Europe. Through my most recent company, I experienced the full rollercoaster ride from idea to exit.

Being a non-engineer with an advertising degree, my responsibilities included words. Lots of them.

The main insight: Clear and consistent communication wins.

  • Clear: Communicate it. Use the language of your audience.

  • Consistent: Communicate it. Over and over again.

The tech team marveling at my odd talent.

Over the years, I consulted tech companies - from scale-ups to publicly-listed giants - on how to unlock Narrative Clarity.

Currently, I focus on helping climate tech companies but the underlying principles apply across all technology verticals.

I’m excited to start sharing these insights in public.

What to Expect from Clear and Consistent?


  • You have a tech product or service that works but no one knows about it?

  • Your team struggles to sell your solution in the market?

  • Your audience doesn’t understand how the solution solves their problem?

THEN: Clear and Consistent will have actionable bits for you.

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The Big Reveal 👀

Quiz Answer: Mission Statement of WeWork.

If you felt like this, you’re not alone.

Thank you for making it to the very bottom. Please share it with a friend who might need this. My eternal gratitude 🙏


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Narrative Clarity for Tech Companies.


Built and sold a company in AdTech • Now writing "Waitbutwhy for Climate" 🌳